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Nowadays, there are services which offer you “live” coverage of music events, but some people claim that it’s nothing compared to the concert experience. While it’s true that showing up to an actual concert hall is quite different than seeing a live concert from your living room, does that necessarily make it better?

Some people will tell you that the concert experience is the only one worth having when it comes to a musical performance. It’s a much more intimate experience and the actual performance itself, you just get more out of it by being there in person. There are, of course, the cons. Logistically speaking, if you don’t live in a real valued venue, then you might have to do some traveling to get there. Not to mention concert tickets can be a little pricey.

The experience at home can be just as good. You’re in a nice, safe environment and you can have friends over to enjoy the concert with you. The cons here, of course, are that you’re restricted to the perspective the camera crew gives you when it comes to viewing the program. And, of course, you aren’t there in person.

It depends on how you enjoy music.

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How A Live Performance Helps The Audience Understand Singers

Communicating Your Music At A Live Concert
A live performance is crucial for communicating your music to a crowd. Furthermore, it is a way to express your emotions and inspire other people. In this light, singers provide an audience with a rare glimpse of something exciting about the band. In other words, a live show demonstrates a side of the band that is usually hidden behind record cover sleeves, magazine interviews and social media networking. Now, people get to experience the band in the flesh and in person.

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For those looking to experience a lesser-known but extremely popular and entertaining musical performance, the Michigan-based rock and roll outfit known as Lemon Frog is unmatched.

With accolades such as 4 Review Music Awards and 3 Northeast Michigan Music Awards, the group boasting the Sevox “2012 Song of the Year” puts on an amazing, high-energy performance that is rivaled by few. From their front-man’s sin-laced, lustful hip shaking to the sexy, awe-inspiring look of their pink-haired keyboardist, the group packs as much punch in their stage presence as they do their incredibly popular music.

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Songs heard online or from other media players can change or add to a person’s mood, but being at a live concert can enhance it even more. If one is a fan of Taylor Swift, seeing her on stage rocking out to her songs of love’s drama can make them even more personal. Her upbeat grooves of strength will raise in her power ballads. Bruno Mars’ voice leads a listener into his world and his sparkling personality in live performance adds to the ambiance.
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There are many great music artists out there right now. Several of them are even on the top of the charts. Live music can benefit artists in many ways. Some of these ways are more important than others, but they are all pretty helpful when it comes to their career.

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There are many popular music artists out right now. One that has stolen almost every teenage heart would have to be, Justin Bieber. Every teenage girl has become head over heels for this upcoming artist. He is not only a great musician, but also does great things for his community.

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Attending a live symphony performance can bring forth many benefits. Not all of these benefits are obvious at first. While it is true attending such an event can prove quite entertaining and enjoyable, there can be more gained from attending such an event than most people realize. Specifically, when you attend an event of this nature you might discover there is an emotional stimulus that can ripple through your entire being. No that is not an overly optimistic Read the rest of this entry »

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There is nothing like a live performance. That feeling you get when you are hearing your favorite song live and it feels you with that rush. That rush seems to spread throughout the entire crowd of fans and makes for an even more powerful experience. Live performance usually go one of two different ways either: incredibly good or horribly bad, but either way when you are there, you have an experience that you will never forget.

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Music is one of the most touching ways to express our feelings and is perhaps why we love it so much. That feeling is amplified even more so when you are able to experience live music.

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